Career Month

What is Career Month?

Each November, Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast celebrate the importance of accessing meaningful work and all those that help us in connecting with our preferred futures.  

Canada Career Month (CCM) works to advance the agenda of improving access to career services and education so that all Canadians are better prepared to develop their careers and transition into the emergent labour market.


It’s Possible!

This year, think about what’s possible for you to achieve in your career at any stage of life.

  • It’s possible to succeed.
  • It’s possible to create plan that moves you forward.
  • It’s possible to reflect on your own story.
  • It’s possible to connect with a mentor.
  • It’s possible to make a difference to those you work with.
  • It’s possible to volunteer your way to meaningful work.
  • It’s possible to build your own job search campaign.
  • It’s possible to recover from job loss and come back stronger.
  • It’s possible to identify your transferrable skills.
  • It’s possible to gain different types of work experiences.
  • It’s possible to take charge of your career in a changing world.
  • It’s possible to achieve your dream through planning and dedication.
  • It’s possible to have work-life balance.
  • It’s possible to share your skills with others.

Visit for an interactive app that allows user to make their own “It’s Possible” statements.

On The Move

This PDF shares 8 ways that career development gets you going.

How can career development strategies keep you moving when you’re feeling stuck?

Career development helps you cope with challenging transitions and move forward in meaningful and sustainable ways.

We don’t need to have everything sorted out to take action. Career development offers positive ways to think about and move through uncertainty.

Career development can help you to see hidden opportunities. It broadens your horizons and opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Explore the Possibilities

This PDF explains what your local CDP does

What’s a CDP?
CDP stands for “Career Development Professional”


1. Advocates for decent work, and living wages

2. Brokers the demand and supply sides of the local labour market

3. Rehabilitates new or returning workers to the labour market

Success Stories

Career Month Stories

The Saskatchewan Career Development Association podcast is intended to help achieve advance the career development field and promote excellence in career services in Saskatchewan.

Students and Job Seekers can use this excellent Career Month resource to help find a job that suits them and their skills.

Looking for a book by one of our Career Month authors? Wondering what reading material is out there to help grow your career? Check out our Goodreads list (English only)

7 Ways Career Development Can Help You and Others in Challenging Times. Stories of struggles, resilience, and adaptability in difficult times.

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