Volunteering can benefit you directly.  Including volunteer experiences on your resume can help you in your career or job search. Employers are interested in potential employees who are engaged, involved, interested in learning more, and who take advantage of growth and development opportunities.

Volunteering can be a way to learn, practice, or try a new skill.  Include these experiences on your resume, with a title and description.

Volunteering can help provide you with references for your next opportunity.

Your volunteer experience can help you find out more information about the career path you are considering, and provide you with experience and valuable contacts.

Volunteering can provide a sense of purpose and community.

For some community minded career paths (i.e. Police Services, Firefighter), volunteerism may be required as an entrance requirement.

Everyone knows someone! Volunteering expands your network, allowing you to make contacts and meet new people who may be in a position to provide valuable referrals when you are actively looking for your next job. The contacts you make can also be beneficial when applying for post secondary opportunities.

A volunteer experience helps you identify key strengths about yourself, and may also provide insights on what you want to improve.

Volunteer experiences can help to fill any gaps of employment on your resume.

Volunteer experiences build on time management skills and allow for a continuous structure to your day.

Volunteering can build confidence in your ability to learn, complete, and achieve a number of different tasks.

A volunteer experience allows for community involvement which can improve well being.

Many employers have a social minded culture. Including volunteerism on your resume lets a potential employer know that you would fit into their work culture.

Research a volunteer opportunity in the same way that you would an employer. Research the organization, what they do, and what they are involved in. Look at their Facebook page if they have one and check their current events.

Applying for volunteer opportunities allows you to build and practice your job search and communication skills.