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Find information about the engineering profession, requirements, jobs, employment tips, working in Canada, and more.

Learn about basic information and tools to help adults manage their personal finances and gain the confidence they need to make better financial decisions.

Find out about careers in engineering and geoscience.  Discover how ideas are turned into reality in every area of our daily lives – the cars we drive, roads we travel, houses we live in, the natural resources, environment, and communications used to connect with the world!

Discover what you can learn and take away from the experience of a negative interview.  For more about this topic,  read the interview with tech company 7shifts and the 7 questions they were asked…

Find information on student loans and grants offered by the Government of Canada to  full-time and part-time students. Grants and loans help students pay for their post-secondary education.

Find information on the Saskatchewan student loan program for post secondary students delivered jointly by the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan.   Learn about benefits, eligibility, how to apply, and more.

The Conference Board of Canada:  Conversations with leaders about issues affecting Canadians.  Look for topics including education, economics, HR, Indigenous & Northern perspectives and more…

A Brookfield Institute Report:  Find information on job growth & decline; skills and abilities of importance; the needs and realities of different workers, and more…

Find out about Canada’s Bio-economy, career pathways, strengthening skills, biotech resume builder, connecting job-ready talent to industry,  and more… 

Supporting individuals and organizations with resources, tips and information, webinars, workshops, career management tools and more.

Learn about retirement planning, working while retired, and more…