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Discover a new free online tool from the Conference Board of Canada to help you quickly identify, and easily explore, your most promising career paths. 

Find access to career centres and available services for job seekers and employers across Saskatchewan.

Learn about which interests you have,  and how to narrow down your education and training choices, as well as the kinds of jobs where having those interests is an asset.

Find information about the engineering profession, requirements, jobs, employment tips, working in Canada, and more.

Find out about careers in engineering and geoscience.  Discover how ideas are turned into reality in every area of our daily lives – the cars we drive, roads we travel, houses we live in, the natural resources, environment, and communications used to connect with the world!

Find out about Canada’s Bio-economy, career pathways, strengthening skills, biotech resume builder, connecting job-ready talent to industry,  and more… 

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