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Dr. Andrea Petruka shares her experience as a veterinarian with Norsask Vet Group.

Shannon S
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Veterinary Technologist

Shannon Scruten from Norsask Vet Group shares what it is like to be a Veterinary Technologist.

Dani O
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Veterinary Assistant

Dani Ornawka from Norsask Vet Group discusses her career path as a veterinary assistant.

Omar R
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Truck and Transport Mechanic

Learn about Omar Robinson’s career journey that led him to being a Journeyperson Truck and Transport Mechanic with the City of Saskatoon.

Zack B
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Zack Beveridge shares his experience as a Journeyperson Mechanic in the automotive industry and with the City of Saskatoon.

Justin K
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Powerline Technician

Justin Korte shares his experience as a Journeyperson Powerline Technician with the City of Saskatoon.

Tracy D
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City Roadways Manager

Tracy Danielson shares how her training as a Civil Engineer led to a role as Roadways Manager with the City of Saskatoon.

Krista S
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Water Treatment Lab Technician

Krista Spratt shares her experience working in the laboratory at the City of Saskatoon Water Treatment Plant.

Geraldine S
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Municipal Project Engineer

Geraldine Sadia shares her experience working in sustainability as a Project Engineer with the City of Saskatoon.

Bill Fire
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Fire Inspector & Investigator

Bill Symons shares about his role as a Fire Inspector and Investigator with the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Brooklyn Fire
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Brooklyn Maxwell shares what it takes to be a Firefighter-Paramedic with the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Victoria Fire
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Emergency Fire Dispatcher

Victoria Marchand shares her experience as an Emergency Dispatcher with the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Matt R&B
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UX Strategist & Developer

A UX (User Experience) Strategist and Developer plays a unique role in the technology and marketing sectors. Matt Horning shares his experience.

Jessica R&B
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Content Strategist (Marketing)

Learn about a content strategist’s role from Jessica Beuker of Rock & Bloom.

Heather R&B
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Chief Executive Officer & Entrepreneur (Marketing)

Learn about Heather Adams’ career path as CEO of Rock & Bloom, a brand studio in Saskatoon.

Jessica HUB
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Insurance Broker Team Lead

Jessica Eberle of HUB International shares her experiences in the insurance industry.

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Commercial Insurance Advisor

Levi Smith of Cornerstone Insurance shares his experiences as an insurance advisor.

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Software and Business Developer

Reid Patterson shares the experiences that led him to a role with Prairie Robotics.

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Software Developer Intern

Harris Ferguson shares his experience as an intern at 7shifts as a Software Developer.

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Senior Design Technologist

Autumn Dawe-Baillie shares her experience in the tech industry as a Senior Design Tech at 7shifts.

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Manager of Workplace Experience

Robyn Chatlain shares her career journey that led to a role as Manager of Workplace Experience, an HR position at 7shifts.

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Staff Engineer, Software Developer

Tyson Lemire shares the experiences that led him to a role in software development as a Staff Engineer at 7shifts.

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Financial Educator and Credit Counsellor

Mary Castillo shares how her desire to help others led to a career as a financial educator and credit counsellor at the Credit Counselling Society.

Kyle 1
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Chartered Professional Accountant

Learn about Kyle Christopherson’s career path to becoming a CPA, a partner at MNP, and a volunteer with non-profit organizations.

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Underground Mobile Mechanical Planner

Sabrina Pethick shares how her career path led her to a role as a mechanical planner at Nutrien.

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Underground Electrical Supervisor

Nicole Fleck shares how her training as an Electrical Engineer led to a supervisory role at Nutrien.

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Chief Mine Engineer

Melanie Stare share her career journey that led her to becoming a Chief Mine Engineer at Nutrien.

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Alison Solmes shares her passion for welding and what it’s like to work as a journeyperson in a mine at Nutrien.

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Geologist – Mining

Jennie Scott shares how an interest in Geology can turn into a fulfilling career path in mining.

Akirin Asavajaru
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Research Technician

Akarin Asavajaru shares his career journey that led him to the role of research technician at VIDO.

Darryl Falzarano
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Research Scientist

Darryl Falzarano (VIDO) shares his career journey as a research scientist.

Trina Racine VIDO
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Director of Vaccine Development

Trina Racine shares her career journey that led her to becoming the Director of Vaccine Development at VIDO.

Sylvia 1
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Electronics Assembler

Learn from Sylvia Hamilton about her career as a journeyperson electronics assembler and a current program officer at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT).

Wade Phillips
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Chiropractor, Medical Acupuncture Provider, & Clinic Director

Dr. Wade Phillips shares his experience as a chiropractor, medical acupuncture provider, and clinic director at Summit Sports and Health.

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Learn about the path to becoming a psychologist from Catherine Kroeger of Summit Sports and Health.

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Attainment Specialist

Mackenzie Marchant of Summit Sports and Health shares her career path as an attainment specialist in the health and wellness sector..

Kimberlee 1
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Registered Dietitian

Kimberlee Galus shares her experience as a registered dietitian at Summit Sports and Health, and with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Shaun F
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Landscape Horticulturalist

Shaun Farrell from SeeMoreGreen shares his experience as a Journeyperson Landscape Horticulturalist.

Scott K
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Auto Body Technician

Scott Kucharyshen gives an overview of what it takes to become a Journeyperson Auto Body Technician, and he shares insight on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic program.

Brody S
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Automotive Service Technician

Brody Siebert gives an overview of what it takes to become a Journeyperson Automotive Service Technician, and he shares insight on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic program.

Kirsten 2
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Geoscientist and Entrepreneur

Kirsten Marcia from Deep Earth Energy Production shares her journey as a geoscientist and entrepreneur in Saskatchewan.

Ryan B 2
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Renewable Energy Project Coordinator

Learn about a career path in solar and geothermal energy from Ryan Boghean at miEnergy.

Cst Ruben Harms
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Police Officer

Learn about the career journey of Cst. Ruben Harms and what it takes to become an officer with the Saskatoon Police Service.

Monique- Maven & Environment
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Scientist & Entrepreneur

Dr. Monique Simair shares her career journey as a scientist with a Ph.D. in microbiology and the owner of Maven Water & Environment.

Screenshot (271)
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Assistant Branch Manager

Anika Mysha, an Assistant Branch Manager at RBC, shares her career journey.

Screenshot (279)
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Financial Planner

Trè Bynoe shares his career journey as a Certified Financial Planner.

Screenshot (274)
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Business Advisory Team Lead

Lauren Meyer shares her background and experience as a Business Advisory Team Lead at Affinity Credit Union.

Angie MLCN
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VP of Finance & Administration

Angie Desnomie, Vice President of Finance & Administration at Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Investment Management Corporation, shares her career journey in the finance sector.

Zu Deidre 1
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People Strategies Director (Tech, Human Resources)

A human resources expert, Deidre Lane, shares advice on careers in tech from her experience working at zu as a People Strategies Director.

Zu Meagan 1
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Human Resource Administrator (Tech)

Meagan MacLean shares her experience in the tech industry as a Human Resource Administrator at zu in Saskatoon.

Zu Jessica 1
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Product Owner

Jessica Forster shares her experience as a professional trained in business and project management who is now a Product Owner with zu, a tech-based company in Saskatoon.

Zu Brady 1
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Tech Lead

Brady Smith from zu shares his experience as a Tech Lead/developer with an exciting tech-based company.

Jason RAIS
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Game Developer & Design Instructor

Jason Bowey shares his experience in game development and design instruction with the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon.

Michael Trusted Marketing
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Web Designer, Graphic Designer, & Web Developer

Nicole Grimley (Lead Graphic Designer) and Michael Ruffell (Lead Web Developer) share information about their careers and roles at Trusted Marketing Services.

Andy Odd Couple
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Entrepreneur (Restaurant Owner & Chef)

Andy Yuen shares his insight as the owner of Odd Couple Restaurant in Saskatoon.

Matt Studio D
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Entrepreneur (Photography, Videography, & Design)

Matt Ramage shares his experience as owner of MJ & Co. & Studio D where he and his team specialize in photography, videography, and design.

Dustin unINK Marketing
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Entrepreneur (Digital Advertising & Marketing)

Dustin Ratzlaff shares his experience as the owner of unINK Marketing–a digitial advertising & marketing agency.

Sheena Crew Rowhouse
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Entrepreneur (Fitness Studio)

Sheena Beatty & Lorne Prefontaine share their journey as owners of Crew Rowhouse (now HABIIT Athletics) in Saskatoon.

Jeff Thurber 2
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Heat Treat Team Leader (Machinist)

Learn about the role of Heat Treatment in manufacturing. Jeff Thurber is a Machinist and currently the Heat Treat Team Leader at Standard Machine in Saskatoon.

Tammy W 2
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Bearing Mechanic

Tammy Wisminity shares her experience as a Bearing Repair Technician at Standard Machine in Saskatoon.

Joe Franey 2
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Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

Learn about the role of an Industrial Mechanic at Standard Machine from Joe Franey.

Jason Young 2
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General Manager (Manufacturing)

Jason Young shares info about his journey where he started as a CAD/CAM techinician to becoming a general manager at Standard Machine in Saskatoon.

Daniel Carpentry
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Daniel Turcotte and Janis Dubreuil (Allan Construction) provide insight into the carpentry trade.

Alex Core HVAC
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Dave Doell and Alex Richard share their experiences in the plumbing trade at Core HVAC Services.

Michelle ESTI
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HR Analyst & Network Analyst

Michelle Banman shares her experience as an HR Analyst at ESTI Consulting Services. Brett Melnychuck, an intern at ESTI, shares insight into his role as a Network Analyst.

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Rhoda Adams shares her career journey as a hairstylist (Visions Salon & Spa).

Ashley Humboldt
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Ashley McConnell-Quesnel and Ryan McConnell From Humboldt Electric share information about careers in the electrical trade.

Amanda P
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Learn about a career as a physiotherapist from Amanda Paterson (Zone Sports Physiotherapy).

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Thinking about a career as a chiropractor? Check out this video to learn from Dr. Andy Pawlovich from Pawlovich Chiropractic.

Kwaku- RMT
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Massage Therapist

Learn about Kwaku Danso’s career path to becoming a massage therapist at New Leaf Kinetic Arts.

Sydney- Career Talk- Cook
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Hear from Sydney Hamelin (Taste Restaurant Group) about her career path as a journeyperson cook.