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Building a Successful Network

Every person you meet throughout your career journey can be a significant player in your success. Whether you realize it at the time or not, a new contact could end up being a future employer, colleague, or reference. Dinner parties, conferences, and even a casual conversation may be opportunities where you might connect with someone who can help you in the present—or maybe in the distant future. Positive communication and proactive projection of your skills are essential in making these connections. 

Not only are our in-person interactions important, but how we project ourselves online can significantly impact our success. Positive and professional social media interactions, online presence, and digital communication skills are essential to leading you toward a fulfilling career journey.

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Email may not be common for some student, but proper email etiquette can make a significant first impression. Students, check out these five tips!

Learn why a powerful, professional, digital presence will keep you front and center in the job market.

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