Featured Publications

A City of Saskatoon Resource:  An educational resource providing enhanced understanding of Indigenous culture and practices.

Engaging Indigenous Participation – Information including:

Indigenous Economic Dashboard

Good, Better, & Best Practices

Changing Workplace Culture and more…

How Canadian youth can thrive in the age of disruption.

Changing the discussion and direction on the right training for the right job for Canada’s youth. Click to access the PDF report.

Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan 2020-2030 is a road map for a growing province of 1.4 million people and a strong economy with 100,000 more jobs. The report includes information for career planning when considering sectors, industries, training and earning potential. Click to read the complete plan with accessible PDF.

This documentary film examines career shift, transition and occupational change in later life. As life expectancy increases, many people are interested in an extension of working life. This film shares the stories of five people who have changed occupation at age 50 or older.

New Release June 2020, by Spencer Niles, Norman Amundson, Roberta A. Borgen, & Hyung Joon Yoon. An Introduction for students to Hope-Action Theory. The book highlights how students can apply self-clarity to create a personalized vision of a future professional or educational career.

Relevance is an annual magazine providing career and labour market information for Saskatchewan youth.

A New Release by Spencer Niles, Norman Amundson, Roberta A. Borgen, & Hyung Joon Yoon, August 2020. Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times. The book provides powerful strategies to readers to create hope and manage their careers throughout their lifetimes.