Personal Value Propositions and Cover Letters

When helping people prepare for their job search, we often get asked, “Do I need to submit a cover letter even if it hasn’t been asked for?” We suggest that it can’t hurt to include an extra page since a well-crafted cover letter can make a positive, professional impression and allow you to expand on the content of your resume.

In some cases, a job seeker may consider how including a Value Proposition or Personal Profile can help make your application stand out to a potential employer.

A personal value proposition:

  • Focuses on what you will bring to the company rather than what you are hoping to achieve for yourself
  • Looks to the future rather than your past experiences
  • Can replace a cover letter—especially if one isn’t required in the application posting. This would be a brief letter with only two or three concise paragraphs. See Indeed’s “Personal Value Proposition: Definition, Template and Example”
  • Can also replace an “Objective” statement at the beginning of a resumé—possibly if a cover letter is asked for in the job posting. In this case, consider your statement a “Personal Profile” that can be one sentence or more. See Workopolis’ “This 1 resume change can get you more interviews” for an overview and example.

So, when you are reviewing the job posting and you see that a cover letter isn’t required, ask yourself how you can make a great impression by showing your potential employer the value that you will bring to the workplace!

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