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Canada’s insurance industry has a job and a career with your name on it.  Look at mini career profiles, videos, jobs and more to give you a glimpse of what you can expect in key roles in the Insurance Industry.

Learn about Saskatchewan technology companies

Find the latest information on events and news, technology information videos, career and company profiles and more…

Find resources and information from the Top 10 of hundreds of LinkedIn Voices providing their insight on job search, careers, networking, challenges for underrepresented groups to find work,  and more,  in a turbulent economy.

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Saskatchewan’s Labour Market Services branch provides job searching, job matching, career planning, and job training services to Saskatchewan residents throughout the province.

Resources and information for careers with Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada. Find information:

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An information tool and resource library supporting First Nations in Saskatchewan.

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Career quizzes can help choose, change or develop a career. Begin a career journey and explore a wide range of career opportunities with Service Canada resources.

This guide seeks to give youth, the people that employ them, and the people that seek to support them, a toolkit for how to grow within a team, how to make the best of the skills they build, and how to navigate and support a new career, all virtually. It also seeks to begin a conversation in the virtual work, mentorship, and career development space.

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Discover a variety of career options through the immersive power of virtual reality. An opportunity to view tailored career information with the ability to see, hear, and experience the job while working in the office with the career practitioner.